Marketing typically falls in two distinct categories: B2B (where you’re marketing to other businesses) or B2C (where you’re marketing directly to consumers). In many ways, they require drastically different approaches. B2B products tend to be much more complex and have longer sales cycles, which requires marketing to be incredibly disciplined about generating and nurturing the right type of leads. B2C marketers tend to have more freedom and flexibility to innovate in order to earn the attention of their audience because purchasing their product is often instantaneous and involves one person only.

While B2B marketers face some distinct challenges, that doesn’t mean that the way we market our product has to be boring. B2B marketers can follow the lead of B2C marketers to inject a little fun and innovation into their marketing strategy.

3 Marketing Principles B2B Companies Can Steal from B2C Brands

Here are three marketing principles you can steal from our favorite B2C brands:

Show your humanity.

While B2B buyers may be more logical in their approach, they’re still human. The world’s most successful brands don’t conform to the norms and are innovative with their marketing. There’s no reason why you can’t experiment, just because you’re marketing to a company rather than an individual.

Maintaining your humanity as a B2B brand is one of the timeless marketing principles that will never go out of style

Leverage timely events to capture the attention of your audience.

Many B2C companies are experts at jumping onto the latest trends to get more attention to their marketing campaigns. While this can be a bit more difficult for B2B marketers, it can be a very effective marketing tactic when done well.

Creating valuable content around timely events is a great way to be seen as a reputable source for your industry. Taking the time to consider how you can create a more agile approach to content creation is key for taking your content efforts to the next level.

Harness the power of storytelling.

Traditionally, B2C companies have been better at telling stories to customers than B2B brands. It’s time for B2B marketers to tap into the power of storytelling and start creating emotional connections with potential customers.

I’m not talking about bringing a potential customer to tears with your story. Rather, find ways to connect with all of the emotions potential customers experience—joy, excitement, longing, hope, etc. Stories are only effective if they resonate and inspire potential customers to take action. From the very beginning, it’s important to ensure the brand story you’re telling resonates with them. 

As one of Steve Jobs’ favorite sayings goes, “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” If you’ve struggled to gain any traction with your traditional B2B marketing approaches, consider how you can begin stealing the principles of our favorite B2C brands in order to earn the trust and attention of your audience.

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