In today’s socially-connected world, everyone is in marketing. That’s right. Finance directors, HR professionals, customer service reps… they’re all in “marketing” because they all do things that impact the perception people have when they think about your brand.

This means that regardless of your job title, it’s important to at least consider how your LinkedIn presence is influencing the perception people have of your business. The good news is that optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and thinking like a marketer, doesn’t take a lot of work. With a few simple strategies, you can create a LinkedIn presence that not only showcases you as an experienced professional but also position your business as an industry leader.

3 Marketing Techniques to Optimize Your LinkedIn Presence

Here are three simple marketing techniques you can use to optimize your LinkedIn profile for personal growth and business development:

  1. Make sure your profile is readable. Marketers know that clarity is essential for effective communication. Have you ever stumbled across a LinkedIn profile with more commas than paragraphs? Sometimes, we can get so caught up in trying to sound impressive that we go overboard. The people who read your profile are just that… people. Make it easy for them to read by using simple, clear sentences.
  2. Get in the habit of regularly connecting with people. Marketers know that business happens because people connect with people. Whenever you meet someone at a networking event or talk to someone on the phone, shoot them an invite to connect on LinkedIn. You never know when they might have a question you can answer or have a connection that could help your business growth.
  3. Commit to engaging at least once a week. Marketers know that consistent commitment is essential for producing results. You don’t have to spend hours a day on LinkedIn for it to be meaningful. By sharing or posting an update about your company, engaging in a group, or sending a message to an old connection, you can do a whole lot to drive meaningful conversations in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Social media’s biggest impact on business isn’t the tools and technology it gave you to reach people. It’s the ability for people to connect with each other. Whether you’re in IT or sales, my hope is that these three marketing best practices will help you optimize your LinkedIn presence in a way that benefits you and your business.