If you’re struggling to break down the silos between sales and marketing, you’re not alone. It’s an area most companies struggle with from time to time. In most cases, sales gets frustrated with marketing because they’re not producing the right quantity or quality of leads. Marketing gets equally as frustrated at sales because they don’t provide the feedback needed to improve the process or use the resources they spend time creating.

How can companies solve this dilemma?

Here’s one simple resolution: Instead of complaining and pointing fingers, develop systems that help the teams work together towards common goals that benefit the entire company.

3 Practical Ways to Break Down the Silos Between Sales & Marketing

Here are three extremely practical steps you can take towards breaking down the silos between sales and marketing:

  1. Establish S/Mart goals. Maybe you’ve heard of “SMART” goals? Well, this embraces the same idea, but with a twist. S/Mart goals stand for “sales and marketing goals.” These are joint goals shared by both departments, because both departments influence the outcome. For example, if you’re looking to improve the conversion rate of leads, you might set a smart goal to increase your lead-to-customer conversion rate by 5% each month.
  2. Create an agreement around key deliverables and activities. Many professional service organizations set up Service Level Agreements with their clients that define the key deliverables and set expectations for a project. Applying this idea between your sales and marketing departments is an incredibly valuable way to break barriers and promote the collaboration necessary for it to function harmoniously.
  3. Schedule weekly or monthly meetings to sit down and talk strategy. Talk about what’s been working on each side, as well as what doesn’t seem to be working. This gives both teams an opportunity to feel like they’re being heard. It also helps both teams understand how they can improve and effectively reach the overall goals they’re working towards—both as a team and as separate departments.

Taking time to align your sales and marketing teams will not only make for a friendlier office environment, it will create a new kind of synergy between your teams that could lead to exponential results.