The way technology has impacted nearly every area of our life is incredible. It has changed the way we communicate. It has changed the way we date. It has changed entire industries. And while technology has impacted almost every profession, its impact on the sales world has been significantly important.

Today’s business development professionals have access to more new tools, resources, and techniques than ever before—all of which can be used to help us work smarter. The key is knowing how to leverage them properly.

3 Reasons Sales People are Smarter Than Ever Before

Here are a few different ways technology is helping sales teams work smarter (not harder) when it comes to closing the deal:

1. Data-Driven Sales Strategies

In the past, sales professionals relied heavily on their gut instincts and intuitions to decide what worked. Today, everything we do in the sales process can be tracked and measured. Allowing data to be the diplomat has given sales teams a new way to objectively identify which tactics are most effective for closing deals.

2. Detailed Knowledge About Our Prospects

Today’s business development professionals have access to more information about their prospects than ever before. Sales reps can learn much about both individual prospects and their companies through their websites, social media channels, news mentions, etc. These insights help salespeople contextualize their messaging and save a lot of time that used to be spent getting to know the prospect.

3. Greater Alignment with Marketing Activities

Traditionally, marketing and sales have operated in silos, with marketing focusing on brand awareness and sales focusing on business development. Today’s technology gives businesses the chance to truly align sales and marketing by sharing information with each other and using that information to improve both aspects of the customer cultivation process.

As technology continues to evolve, these three changes are just the beginning. The tools and techniques will continue to change as technology grows. In order to consistently work smarter, we must constantly embrace the ideas that technological advances provide, rather than getting stuck in our “tried and true” techniques that work today.