In today’s world, sales and marketing teams must work together in order to achieve your business development goals. Most marketing teams are working to help sales on specific lead generation campaigns, sales-enablement tools, and optimizing the buyer journey.

But, for the most part, social media is the one area where sales and marketing don’t collaborate. Marketing typically focuses on creating content and promoting the brand on Twitter and Facebook. Sales teams typically focus on prospecting, social listing, and building connections through LinkedIn.

But, are marketing teams missing an opportunity to support sales teams’ efforts on LinkedIn? I think so.

3 Ways Marketing Can Support Sales on LinkedIn

Here are a few ways marketing teams can take a more proactive role in supporting sales:

  1. Help sales optimize their LinkedIn profiles for business development. Some sales professionals know how to maximize their LinkedIn presence. Others don’t. Taking time to work with each sales team member so their profile positions them as a subject matter expert is an invaluable way to optimize the “social bridge” that exists between B2B buyers and sales in today’s digital world.
  2. Create an intentional strategy to help sales generate conversations on LinkedIn. Most marketers provide content for sales to share on LinkedIn and stop there. If you truly want to maximize the platform, it’s important to put together a strategy for a stronger ROI of the selling system. This includes educating sales on how to make an initial connection, how to leverage LinkedIn to move people through the buying decision, and most importantly, measuring what works and what doesn’t.
  3. Use LinkedIn to listen to potential customers and create stronger buyer personas. By using tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other social listening tools, you can help provide your sales team with greater insights into the interests and challenges of your customers.

66% of B2B businesses rate LinkedIn as their most effective social media platform. If your business isn’t getting the most out of the channel, my hope is that your sales and marketing teams can use these ideas to work together to improve sales effectiveness using LinkedIn.