gmail account on laptop screenCan you believe the first email marketing blast was sent more than 40 years ago? While email marketing is still the most valuable digital marketing channel for businesses, it’s definitely evolving as the desires and expectations of today’s buyers change. If you want to maximize the power of the inbox, it’s important to know the trends that are shaping B2B email marketing in 2020.

4 Important Email Trends Shaping B2B Marketing in 2020

Here are four important factors to consider when developing your overall email marketing strategy and designing your campaigns this year:

1. Make your email content scannable. 

Think about what would capture a reader’s attention if they were reading your email when they’re stopped at a red light (because that’s likely when they’re checking it). You only have a few seconds to make an impression.

Design it so that the content is scannable and it’s easy for the reader to skim the message, understand why it matters to them, and know what actions they should take.

2. Be intentional about writing a catchy subject line.

According to the latest research, 85% of B2B marketing emails never get opened. Creating a simple yet attention-grabbing subject line is one of the best ways to ensure your email actually gets opened. People are receiving hundreds of emails a day. A catchy subject line is one of the most important ways to capture their attention instantly.

3. Simplify your design for mobile.

49% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. That means if your emails aren’t designed for someone to be able to easily read on their phone, it will probably get deleted. 

More and more, you’re seeing brands simplify the designs of their emails and use white space to make the email easy to read. Rather than trying to fit all the content into one single email, try simplifying your design and shortening your content in order to make it easier to read on a mobile device.

4. Create a strong connection in the very first sentence. 

After your subject line, the initial sentence is the second most important piece of content in your email. It’s what helps your audience determine whether or not they want to keep reading. Your first sentence should be straightforward and compelling. The reader needs to know that you’re like them, you can identify with them, and you understand their problem.

Here’s the bottom line of the latest email marketing trends: keep your emails simple and stunning. Every sentence needs a purpose—it should create a meaningful connection or inspiring action. Don’t waste time in 2020 creating fancy email templates with complicated and dense content. Instead, spend your time creating valuable content people care about reading.

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