A strong online presence is always important for local businesses, but the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified that need significantly. Local businesses could once rely on foot traffic and customers driving by, but now that everyone is in their homes ordering food online, web presence is an absolute necessity to survive. 

For local businesses, staying connected to the community is crucial during the pandemic. Without a strong local online presence, your audience may find your competitors online first in their “near me” searches. SEO marketing is one of the strongest tools in your toolbox when it comes to staying top-of-mind for your target market. 

4 Reasons Local SEO Helps Your Business During a Pandemic

1. Keeps Your Local Customer Informed

SEO makes it easier for your customers to stay informed on how to support you. Your audience is more likely to continue frequenting your business if they know how to buy your products or services during the pandemic.

Restaurants and retailers are great examples of this. Customers want to know if restaurants are providing takeout, delivery, or both, and how the ordering process works. Likewise, retail shoppers want to continue buying from their local stores, but they need to know if they can order online, if delivery is available, and if they can do curbside pickup.

Your customer will want to know how they can support you, conveniently, while they’re at home. The more details they can learn online about how to support you, the more likely they are to order from you.

2. Optimizes Your Business for “Near Me” Searches

Businesses could get by without a strong online presence before, especially if they were well-known in the community, but it’s not that way during the pandemic. While many people are supporting the local businesses they love, some want what is easiest for them to get (preferably without leaving their homes to get it).

Customers are home and thinking about what they want for dinner or where they can get that one product they’re longing for. You can probably guess what they’ll do next. They will use Google to find what is closest and most convenient. Your audience is relying on “near me” searches to find what they’re looking for, and you want your business to be on that list. Local SEO will help you stay relevant to your customer and help you find new customers along the way.

3. Increases Your Brand’s Awareness

Local business owners are the lifeblood of this pandemic. They provide necessities while keeping our thriving local communities unique and flourishing. The issue, however, is that if these businesses don’t stay top-of-mind, they will be forgotten. As we previously mentioned, businesses sometimes rely on foot traffic and their visibility from the road. But what about when everyone is at home, not walking past or driving by? Local SEO efforts ensure that your brand is in front of the customer as much as possible.

4. Improves Your Overall Online Presence

SEO marketing does not solely come down to keyword research. A comprehensive SEO strategy includes content marketing, a complete (and frequently updated) Google My Business page, and other elements that improve your online presence

SEO marketing helps local customers find your products and services when they need them the most. The coronavirus pandemic has presented businesses with new marketing challenges, but we will all make it to the other side of this stronger than ever. 

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