word of mouth marketingIn a digital marketing world, where buzzwords like “storytelling” and “marketing automation” get most of the attention, it’s easy to forget the power that human connection still has on increasing sales word of mouth marketing is still the most powerful form of promotion any brand, business, or nonprofit can receive. Having said that, it’s important to understand how to maximize word of mouth marketing in our increasingly digital world. Here are a few tips to maximize things like client profiles and testimonials on your website, as well as other digital properties:

  1. Include real names, titles, and pictures of the person along with their testimonial. If they already have a picture on LinkedIn, ask to use that! This adds authenticity. Not including a name makes a testimonial seem phony, even if it’s real.
  2. Instead of randomly placing testimonials on any page, consider placing testimonials on certain topics on the pages relevant to them. For example, if you have a quote about your awesome customer service, place that on a service or support page. If you have one for your convenient return policy, place that somewhere in a shopping cart or pricing page.
  3. The more proof you have the better. Make it part of your strategy to collect case studies and testimonials whenever possible.
  4. Leverage other online sites that provide reviews. Finding what people are saying about your business on other platforms such as Yelp (for local businesses) or industry specific directories is an incredible way to identify potential brand advocates you never knew existed.

No matter what you’re selling, potential buyers like to see confirmation that you’ve made other customers happy. That’s why testimonials, customer reviews, and case studies are incredibly important sources of content for moving prospects even closer to the final buying stages.