Social media is always a powerful tool, but it’s especially powerful during times of crisis. Your target audience is looking for information and empathy—but most of all, they’re looking for positivity and guidance in a time of uncertainty. You can use social media to provide your audience with the optimism they need. In tandem, a creative social media strategy can position your brand as a thought leader and keep you top-of-mind for your audience. 

Keep your social accounts inventive and engaging with these six creative ways to use social media during crises, such as COVID-19. 

Before You Create a Plan—Identify Where You Can [and Can’t] Help

It goes without saying that, as marketers, we have to be conscientious and keep our fingers on the pulse of the crisis. Most every brand can help in some way, but consider where you can help the most, without trying to force an initiative for the sake of social media engagement. At Green Apple Strategy, for example, we help brands shift their messaging during a crisis. From content marketing to email efforts to paid advertising to new digital marketing strategies, there are simple and effective ways to make sure your industry is making the right moves for helping your audience and keeping your business relevant during a crisis.

Here are a few examples of other industries’ contributions:


Provide the audience with support and valuable tools to help clients remain strong and build their businesses throughout the crisis.


Provide internal staff and patients with consistent messaging, best practices, and channels to find accurate information.


Provide parents with the resources they need to engage their children in at-home learning and play.

Information Security

Provide clients with tools to securely transition from their offices to working remotely. 

Whatever your industry, we’ve shared actionable tips to guide you as you shift your messaging amid COVID-19. Download the guide here

Now that you’ve identified how to help your audience the most, let’s explore six creative ideas to add to your social media strategy. 

6 Ways to Use Social Media During a Crisis

Understand How Your Audience Feels

You can learn a great deal about your audience through social media. Pay close attention to your followers’ feelings about the crisis to learn how you can best provide support.

Host a Webinar

Whatever your industry, you have something to contribute. Hosting a webinar gives you a platform to help your audience while connecting with them on a personal level. Be sure to hold time for a live Q&A session as well as share valuable resources that your attendees can reference after the webinar.

Teach a Class

In line with the previous point, social media can be a fun way to teach a new skill to those who are spending more time at home. Your audience is looking for activities to do at home with their children, partners, or friends. Organize a class to bring people together and have a bit of fun.

Advertise Changes in Operations

Businesses that have undergone significant changes to meet requirements, such as restaurants and retailers, can use social media to advertise new operations. Let customers know how they can continue to support your business.

Offer a Discount

Many businesses offer free or discounted products and services to aid in crisis relief. Social media is the best way to share the promotion with as many people as possible as quickly as possible. This strategy also allows your audience to share with their friends and families.

Connect with Influencers

There are social media influencers for every target audience. By connecting with an influencer, you gain access to large amounts of followers who could benefit from your webinar, class, or other promotion. 

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