How Enneagram Type Sevens Bring Energy to All They Do

If you’re lucky enough to have an Enneagram Type Seven on your team, you probably already know the energy, playfulness, and innovation they can bring to a working environment. When you work with or manage a Type Seven, you’d like to empower them to use their talents in the most effective way possible. As you’re planning your next project, keep the following strengths in mind to provide your Seven with a role that best utilizes their unique skill set.

Type Sevens Embrace Empathy

Having a Type Seven on your marketing team means that you have access to a full-time cheerleader who can bring incredible energy to your work together. This is a huge asset when it comes to building a successful marketing strategy. In order to craft an effective approach, your team needs to cultivate enthusiastic empathy for your clients. Type Sevens are great at enthusiastically embracing a client’s mission, vision, and goals as their own. Their optimism and curiosity can bring energy to a new client’s needs or reinvigorate the approach to an existing client. 

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Type Sevens are Quick Learners

Enneagram Type Sevens thrive when they’re learning new material and explaining it to others. If you need to master a social media platform or understand a new search engine algorithm, put your Type Seven on the case. In just a few days, they’ll be experts on the topic, whether it’s monetizing TikTok or doing a deep dive into more effective SEO. Once they’ve mastered the material, have them present their findings to the team. Then, activate a Type One or Type Three to craft a marketing strategy to implement based on this new information. Your Type Seven will feel appreciated and you’ll have new information to use in service of your clients. 

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Type Sevens are Client Whisperers

With their zest for life and notable social skills, Type Sevens truly shine in client meetings, even over Zoom. You can count on a Type Seven to present your marketing strategy in a compelling way that will engage your clients’ attention. After the strategy meeting, you’ll probably find them making plans for lunch, drinks, or dinner with the client. Sevens subscribe to Peter Drucker’s belief that, “more business decisions occur over lunch and dinner than at any other time”—and they’re not wrong about that! 

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Type Sevens Bring Together Your Team

Sevens know that a team can do their best work when the members feel connected both to each other and to their shared professional goals. Sevens are great at fostering team spirit, especially among the shyer or more introverted members of a group. If you need to increase team cohesion, let your Seven plan a teambuilding activity or schedule a social gathering. They’ll build camaraderie and goodwill with impressive ease. Type Sevens believe the adage that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” They know that groups that feel connected and empowered can crush business goals more effectively than a team that’s experiencing disharmony. 

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Our team enjoys learning more about each other through Enneagram Types and Culture Index surveys to ensure that we communicate and work together effectively. In the end, this is all to improve our clients’ marketing strategies and use our small team to garner big results. 

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