Boost Your Business with YouTube Shorts

Short-form video content is skyrocketing in popularity. In 2022, the Sprout Social Index reported that short-form video content was the most engaging type of social media content for 66 percent of consumers. Typically classified as a video that is no more than 60 seconds long, short-form video content can be engaging, educational, and entertaining. 

Initially made popular on platforms like TikTok, YouTube has also launched a platform specifically for short-form videos, putting this type of content back in the headlines. 

We hope this blog post will help you create your own short-form content for maximum brand engagement. 

Why use short-form video content? 

Short-form video content is the most popular digital marketing trend on social media right now. Whether educational or entertaining, these short videos have mass appeal and are easily clickable and shareable. Clicks and shares lead to increased reach and engagement. When an algorithm notices an increase in either of these metrics, it’s built to further promote that content.

Short-form video content can be produced more efficiently and cost-effectively than carefully curated, longer videos. While there is a time and place for professional, edited footage, short-form video content provides an opportunity for brands to share relevant and timely information with their followers in an entertaining way. 

Create a YouTube Short

One of the newest short-form video content platforms is YouTube Shorts. Creating content on this platform is user friendly, thanks to the ability to access all the tools you need right from the YouTube app. Creators can use their phones to film vertical videos, add audio and text, and adjust the speed. Shorts are limited to 60 seconds and can be one video or a compilation of four 15-second videos. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to creating content from scratch, consider pulling from existing content. Repurposing longer videos into short-form content can give them a new life, make them shareable across different platforms, and potentially reach new audiences. 

You may also consider reaching out to your most loyal fans and having them create content in exchange for products. It could be as simple as them unboxing a free product, trying it out for the first time, or demonstrating how it works. This approach is a low-cost way to have access to organic content that creates engagement. 

What to Include  

There are many angles to take when creating short-form video content, including YouTube Shorts. Launching a new product? A YouTube Short could be the perfect way to create a teaser, test the product, or show off its many capabilities

Brands like Dental Digest have used this format to position themselves as subject-matter experts, and companies such as Glossier have seen success using this format to humanize their brands. Short-form video content lends itself to many creative applications. Whatever approach you take, be sure the content you share helps accomplish your overall marketing strategy. 

Share Your YouTube Short

Once you’ve created your short-form video content, it’s time to share it. If you use YouTube Shorts, you can share it on your YouTube channel. All videos under 60 seconds will automatically be categorized as shorts. The platform recommends including #shorts in the title of your video to make it easily searchable by users. You can also share your YouTube short across other social media platforms, on your website, or even with other influencers in your industry to reach a new audience. 

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