How to Write a Job Description that Attracts the Right Candidate


Gone are the days where throwing a generic job ad out on a job posting website was the only thing you had to do to find a suitable candidate. It’s no secret that the market is flooded with job seekers. Whether these individuals are new graduates seeking initial employment or veteran professionals experiencing job insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are seeking a job description which
invites rather than intimidates. 

Writing a job description is a pivotal responsibility of an employer seeking a new hire, as it sets the foundation of future employee expectations and relationships. Job ads are proof that the process of hiring a new employee is a dialogue rather than a one-sided appeal—your company should put forth a concentrated effort to market their workplace as a desirable opportunity that offers rich professional experiences.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of writing a job description that is clear, attractive, and honest in order to attract a candidate whose experience and values perfectly align with those of your company.

Reflect on the Needs of Your Company

With a million other day-to-day responsibilities, we completely understand the temptation to simply copy and paste a generic job description from the internet rather than spending the time and energy to write one from scratch. But, wait! A job description shouldn’t just be a flavorless, one-size-fits-all document, it needs to be tailored to your company’s current needs and future goals. It’s well worth the energy to internally reflect in order to come to a mutual understanding of how a new hire would fit into the inner workings of your company. 

A great place to start? Your current employees! A great idea is to interview several key employees, and ask them what their daily responsibilities and routines look like and how those align or vary from the job description they were initially hired to fulfill. Evaluating this information may lead you to some surprising discoveries; you might find that the position you set out to fill would be redundant, pushing you to completely revisit your needs from a new perspective.

Avoid Limiting or Discouraging Language

It’s an unfortunate truth that there is a large pool of job applicants who will only apply to a job if they meet every single one of the requirements listed in the job description. Although it is your goal to only receive applicants who are qualified, there should always be a slight amount of wiggle room. 

Sure, you are seeking a candidate who has a qualified educational background, as well as applicable professional experience. But, most of all, you need a candidate who is committed to the role, compatible with your company’s values, and driven to grow and bring new ideas to the environment. Before you write a required amount of years of experience, reflect and be certain that this particular role requires it. 

Additionally, take great care to avoid limiting language that could discourage women and minorities from applying. Always include a statement that encourages applicants from these groups to apply such as, “Our company is committed to diversity…”. 

Storytelling to Attract the Perfect Candidate

As you craft a job description, keep in mind that this is a document that will be revisited for years to come during employee reviews, so make sure that the language is clear and the expectations described are accurate. Our best piece of advice: potential candidates should be able to envision a day in the life of working at your company after reading the job description.

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