tea-light-candles-lit-in-a-rowIn the B2B world, there are times where we’re too busy with the daily grind to focus on the bigger picture of business development. This is especially true during this time of year when people are busy with parties, preparing for the holidays, and spending time with family.

Sometimes a handful of potentially qualified prospects end up unattended to because there just isn’t enough time to pursue them, and when we do give the necessary attention to “hot” leads, there’s often no time remaining for the others.

So what’s the answer? One simple way to keep hot leads from going cold during the holidays is to set up an intentional email drip series designed to keep prospects interested and engaged until your team is able to engage them.

Where do you get started when it comes to using email automation to keep leads warm? The first is to find an email service provider that uses marketing automation, so you don’t have to rely on manual processes to follow up with leads.

3 Questions for an Email Nurturing Campaign

Once you have that in place, here are three questions you can ask to help develop an email nurturing campaign to keep leads warm:

  1. Currently, how long does it take before your team is able to follow up with a new lead? Your email series should match the amount of time needed to keep leads warm. If you know it’s going to be 2-3 weeks before a salesperson can follow up with a lead, make sure you keep them engaged during that time.
  2. How might an email welcome series help you deliver higher quality leads to your team?  Not every lead is the same. One benefit an email nurture series provides is that it allows you to identify the potential customers that are most engaged and interested, based on whether or not they open the email or interact with your content. This helps your sales team prioritize their time by focusing on the best possible leads.
  3. How can you give people a reason to stay interested? Leads are reaching out to your business to solve their problem, not hear about how great your business or people are. Don’t think of what you want to tell prospects, think of what they want to know.

Email Drip Series Template

Here’s an example of a drip series you can create to keep leads warm:

  • Email #1: Thank them for downloading your resource and drive them to other content they might be interested in reading.
  • Email #2: Share a video that shows them your company understands their pain points and exists to help them solve their problems.
  • Email #3: Provide a case study that highlights your ability to help them solve their specific problem.

In each of these instances, you can encourage your leads to contact you directly if they have a specific question or want information immediately.

An automated drip series helps ensure that the leads you develop through inbound marketing don’t slip through the cracks. It also continues to educate leads on your unique value proposition in a way that makes the job of your sales team easier once they do contact the lead.

If you want to learn more about how to use email automation and lead nurturing to keep leads warm, we’d love to help. Don’t miss our free resources on marketing automation or contact us if you have a specific question.