number-eight-on-green-backdrop“What an odd time to be celebrating an anniversary,” we all thought. 

The Green Apple team just came out of our best year yet, with the best team, and some of our best client work. It seemed strange to celebrate, though, when the coronavirus began to take over the country. But, then, we realized something—we’re all learning, changing, and growing through this challenge together, and we’re becoming a stronger team by the day. 

Samantha Pyle, Owner and Chief Marketing Strategist, captured this perfectly: “We have been happy together and sad together, and each team member has supported the other. I think we will come out of this as even kinder people, and I never imagined this team could get any better.” 

And that’s when it hit us. We’ve relied on each other to get through this, so maybe our eighth anniversary is a time of reflection. Maybe it’s a time to meditate on how the pandemic has brought us an ever-changing perspective on ourselves, our team, and our world. So, that’s what we did: reflected.

Our Weekly Reflection Exercise 

Every Monday, our team meets on Zoom for what we call our Happy Huddle. We spend this time talking about three topics: 

  1. What was the best thing to happen last week?
  2. What was your biggest challenge last week? 
  3. What are you most looking forward to this week? 

These questions are Green Apple’s way of thinking through what we’re grateful for and how we’re going to overcome any obstacles that stand in our way. 

So, we thought, what better way to share an eighth-anniversary update with you than to answer those three questions? Each team member answered these questions as they relate to the COVID-19 pandemic and embracing new challenges. Here are the highlights.

How the Pandemic is Shaping Our Team

Samantha Pyle, Owner and Chief Marketing Strategist

Q: What is the biggest challenge?

A: “Economically, the pandemic has meant different things to different industries. We have some clients who have laid off hundreds, others who have seen a small reduction in revenues, and others who are gaining business. Each day has been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster as we’ve written about all of those scenarios. One moment we are sad, announcing a reduction in staff. A moment later, we are writing about a company that is thriving and supporting its community. 

Although, through it all, one thing has remained constant: the human spirit has shined. All communications, happy or sad, have shown empathy and have served as a reminder that we are all human and we are all in this together.”

Adam York, Content Marketing Director

Q: What is the best thing to come out of this time? 

A: “For me, I’ve really been challenged to enhance my productivity while working remotely. I’ve always thrived in both team and individual work settings—and I like a healthy balance of both. With Green Apple’s flexible work environment, making the transition to nearly full-time remote work has pushed me to be intentional with how I prioritize tasks and make myself available for last-minute or urgent tasks that arise.”



Olivia Cooper, Client Relations Specialist

Q: What has been the biggest challenge?  

A: “I love my job and my clients, so when I know they’re going through hard times, and we aren’t able to work as normal and communicate as often, it can be both challenging and heartbreaking. With my personality, I thrive on being busy, and sometimes even stress helps, and this pandemic has brought so much change that has affected my business and structure, so that’s been challenging for my motivation. While I want to jump in and be there for clients and do what we can to help them, it’s been important for me (and our team) to remember that everyone is going through this, but it’s affecting everyone differently. So, overall, just being aware of that when communicating with clients and knowing that “this, too, shall pass” and we’re all in this together.”

Skylar Wooden, Content Marketing Specialist 

Q: What is the best thing to come out of this time? 

A: “I’ve been so impressed with how the team has come together to support each other and our clients. From day one, there was a plan for clients, a playlist, a list of at-home activities, and a schedule for daily “water-cooler chats” and Friday virtual happy hours. We’ve stayed connected to each other and to clients seamlessly, right out of the gate—even while we all faced personal challenges. If I’ve learned anything about Green Apple over the past couple of months, it’s that we can handle a challenge, and we can handle it well.” 


We’re Here for You

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