As a C-level executive or business leader, you’ve probably heard the statistics about sales and marketing alignment…

  • Companies with aligned sales and marketing generate 208% more revenue from marketing. (Source)
  • Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams have 38% higher sales win rates and 36% higher customer retention rates.  (Source)

Unfortunately, getting employees to change their habits to achieve alignment isn’t always that easy. It can be difficult to convince employees to invest in creating alignment when it means letting go of the way things have been done in the past. How can business leaders overcome this obstacle and get buy-in from sales and marketing employees?

The biggest key to convincing sales and marketing to value alignment is to help them understand how it helps them. Once they know what’s in it for them (and how their lives will be better), they’ll be more inclined to do the hard work of creating alignment.

How Alignment Benefits Your Sales & Marketing Teams

Here are three specific ways alignment benefits your sales and marketing teams:

Benefits for Your Sales Team:

  • Increased deal velocity, average customer value, and close rates—When sales and marketing teams are working together, your sales team is more effective at their job. Marketing teams can provide sales teams with valuable insights and sales-enablement tools to improve their ability to close deals.
  • Less time wasted on unqualified leads—When marketing and sales teams are aligned, there’s agreement on the exact type of lead that is most likely to convert—no more following up with marketing leads that aren’t good business prospects.
  • Visibility into marketing’s impact —Today’s business development professionals have access to more information about the impact of marketing efforts—all of which can be used to help you work smarter. The key is knowing how to leverage them properly.

Benefit for Your Marketing Team:

The journey of aligning sales and marketing efforts may not be easy. But, it’s always worthwhile. It’s an ongoing investment of time and resources which will raise the bar for each of the team’s strategies and is key to growth for your business.