person holding cellphone up towards buildings in new yorkIn a world where everyone in your company has a role in marketing, creating a culture where employees enjoy promoting your brand is incredibly important. Whether or not you have an official Employee Advocacy program, you should think of your employees as your content’s delivery fleet. Different departments all interact with different segments of your audience—prospects, existing customers, the local community, potential future employees, and so forth.

Having your employees share your content—whether it’s emailing it to a prospect or promoting it on social media—is the perfect way to increase your reach.

How to Create Marketing Content That Employees Actually Want to Share

So, what type of content are your employees likely to share? Here’s what we’ve seen from working with dozens of brands across various industries.

  1. Tell amazing stories about the people behind your brand.

First and foremost, stories are an essential part of great content. Telling stories and talking about real people, especially for B2B companies, can give a layer of emotion and “humanness” into topics that may otherwise be sort of dry. 

It could be a story about your employee or one of your clients. This gives people a huge reason to share it—revealing something about themselves and giving the audience someone to relate to, which compels them to share it in turn.

  1. Answer the common questions they get all the time.

Whether they’re in sales or customer service, your employees are likely having to answer the same questions over-and-over again. Taking time to create content that addresses these questions is a great way to make things more convenient for them by giving them content they can use in their jobs.

For example, you could create a tutorial related to your product that can be used by your sales team to demonstrate different use cases, or by your support team helping someone who’s having a tough time with the process.

  1. Ask employees to help create the content.

In addition to asking employees to promote the content, many marketers struggle to keep up with the constant demand for content creation. This is a great way to address both issues. 

When you ask employees to get involved in the creation of your content, it gives them ownership and a sense of pride over the finished product. This, in turn, makes them more likely to share the final product. 

Your employees can be powerful advocates for your brand on social media. To keep their interactions authentic, you need to produce content they want to share and make it simple for them to share that content with their networks.