Creating a more personal and relevant experience for potential customers has become a strategic marketing priority for many businesses. The personalized experience consumers get from interacting with brands like Amazon and Netflix are influencing the expectations we have for every brand.

In today’s world, sending an email with “dear friend” or content that isn’t relevant for a potential customer hurts the perception they have of your brand. The question is…How do we do this? Creating a more personal and relevant experience for the different customers you’re engaging can seem impossible.

The good news is that you don’t have to be incredibly sophisticated like Amazon or Netflix to accomplish this.

How to Deliver a More Personal & Relevant Marketing Experience

Here are a few ways you can begin creating a more personal and relevant marketing experience:

  • Define the differences between potential customers to identify what needs to be personalized. Does your business serve clients in different parts of the country? Are there specific challenges or issues you can address based on where a potential client lives? What are the different services you provide, and how can you address potential customers with information about the service they’re interested in? Starting with questions like this are a great way to begin creating a more relevant marketing experience.
  • Consider the journey you’re creating for each different segment. Once you’ve identified the different segments of potential customers, it’s important to consider the experience you’re creating for them. Are you constantly bombarding them with emails week after week? Are you addressing the questions potential customers have at each stage of the buying process and making it easy for them to take the next step?
  • Make sure you’re delivering a consistent message. Are potential customers getting the same message about your unique value proposition from your sales team as they did marketing efforts? Do they experience the same brand consistency on social media that they get from your sales demos? The importance of consistency can’t be undervalued when it comes to creating a meaningful experience.
  • Constantly provide value based on what you know about them. Provide insights and new ways of thinking about the specific challenges and pain points they face. Highlight the unique ways your business can make their lives easier. In the same way Amazon and Netflix provide recommendations based on our habits, you can take what you know about potential customers to make sure they know you truly care about them, not just getting their business.

Making potential customers feel like we know their unique characteristics and providing them with valuable insights around the specific challenges they’re facing is essential for earning their trust and gaining credibility.