As a marketing agency, we constantly meet with leaders who are trying to figure out why their business isn’t growing. As we dive in with their teams, we’re always trying to find the root causes…

Is it messaging? Is the way they’re communicating about their brands falling flat? Is it an outdated marketing strategy or a sales process that isn’t working anymore? Is it budget restraints?

Sometimes, these challenges are the root issues for why their marketing isn’t working. Other times, it’s not.

A Reason You’re Not Growing…That Has Nothing to Do with Marketing

For some business, the reason they’ve plateaued or declined isn’t because of their marketing efforts. Many marketers and small business owners are trying to sell something that, if they were being honest with themselves, isn’t that great.

When this happens, your marketing attempts to shout at people, rather than inform. You resort to using old-fashioned tricks and tactics that haven’t worked in years. But, the reality is that a new corporate tagline or product pitch deck isn’t the answer to your problem.

How to Improve Your Marketing by Improving Your Product or Service

So, how do you change this? How do you improve your product or service so the marketing you do actually creates momentum? It isn’t easy, but here are a few tips to consider:

  • Take time to truly understand your buyer. Do you know what the average day looks like for your customers or prospective buyers? Do you know what questions they’re asking? Do you know what fears are influencing the ways in which they work? If not, your product probably isn’t doing everything it could to make their lives easier.
  • Become obsessed with their problem. Once you identify the problems your prospective customers face, work as hard as you can to determine the best ways to solve it. When we think about the brands we all know and love, the one thing they have in common is that they’re constantly looking for ways to help us solve our biggest problems.
  • Make your product or service indispensable. Once you find a solution to the person’s problem, consider how you can help them solve it in ways they can’t live without. Even if your product is not a must-have, you could still find a way to repurpose it to solve a pressing need.

In some ways, marketing hasn’t changed. The timeless principles still apply. It only becomes something you’re obliged to do when you don’t have a great product. In the words of advertising executive Bill Bernbach, “A great ad campaign will make a bad product fail faster. It will get more people to know it’s bad.” Taking time to make sure you’re providing the best product or service possible might be the only solution to your marketing challenges.