Building his life around words, Adam York joined the Green Apple Orchard as a Content Specialist before moving into his current role of Content Strategist. Working closely with Steve Miller, also a Content Strategist, Adam develops the right content for every clients’ voice to further their brand!

This Jamestown, Tennessee native attended Belmont University originally as a pre-med major. He quickly learned that chemistry and biology didn’t have the most creative verbiage, and after taking a New Testament History course during his freshman year, he changed his major to Theological Studies, while minoring in Music Business, since it’s the thing to do in Music City at Belmont.

After graduating and serving in full-time ministry, Adam joined LifeWay Christian Resources. During this time, he completed a Masters of Christian Studies at Union University. It was during this time that Adam grew to love the written word and transitioned into a publishing role as a copy editor and later as a content editor for young adult resources, including a magazine for college students. Working on the magazine allowed Adam to work in a marketing-type role while managing other writers, graphic designers, and publishing professionals. He soon took on freelance writing work, as well as writing his own children’s book series: The Adventures of Penny Nickels.

As our Content Strategist, Adam is primarily responsible for developing and managing content for items such as websites, blogs, social media posts, and emails campaigns. His goals for the team are to help strengthen the writing and content strategies, as well as offer creative insight when possible.


When Adam is not writing for Green Apple or other projects, he’s dreaming of writing a new book, as he’s always thinking of new ideas. Adam has been married to his wife Kathryn since 2013, and they have a son, Liam. Liam brings so much joy to their lives, and Adam says parenting, though tough at times, has been his greatest and most fulfilling role. Their family loves Disney, so any chance they get, you can find them there.