One of the most underutilized strategies for inbound marketing is guest posting.

It may seem obvious, but leveraging an influencer’s platform to reach more people is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. However, the majority of people I talk to about guest posting are going about it all wrong.

4 Steps to Increasing Brand Awareness through Guest Posting

In this post, I wanted to walk through four key steps to help you or your business walk through every step of securing, writing, promoting, and evaluating a guest post opportunity:

Step #1: Find the right influencer to pitch.

Look for platforms where it will make sense to readers for you to post. The niche doesn’t have to be identical, but there should be an overlap in audience, and you should be able to offer something valuable to them that also makes sense from a branding perspective.

Step #2: Write a powerful post that will

While pitching your idea to the blogger might seem like the most difficult part, it’s only half the battle. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. In fact, you want to write a post that will knock the socks of the readers… but how?

If you’re going to write a guest post, make sure it is the best post you can possibly write. Also, make sure that you share content with the proper context for the audience. This is essential for writing a killer guest post.

Step #3: Look for link building opportunities

After writing one post, you might find yourself wanting to leverage more guest post opportunities. By writing multiple guest posts, you give yourself the opportunity to leverage link building for SEO purposes.

Step #4: Promote and Evaluate

It wouldn’t be marketing if you didn’t evaluate afterward, right? The final step in effective guest posting is to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the opportunity. Were you able to derive any new conversations from the post? Or increase the number of subscribers to your email list or own blog?

By following these four steps, you can make the most of your guest post opportunities and begin leveraging other platforms to connect with new audiences and/or potential customers.

Has your business leveraged guest posting as a way to increase awareness? If so, how did your efforts pay off? If not, what are some of the things that are holding you back?