We all remember Oreo’s famous tweet during the power outage in the 2013 Super Bowl game. It took social media by storm and was retweeted over 16,000 times in just a few short hours. Since then, it has become a case study on the impact of how organizations can take advantage of timely events to capture customers’ attention.

And, while we all might want to be a part of creating the next viral marketing campaign, it’s incredibly difficult for many companies to leverage timely events. First and foremost, none of us know when the next opportunity for a viral marketing moment will occur. Additionally, the approval processes that are needed in order to launch a campaign are often too long for us to capitalize on the event.

How to Take Advantage of Timely Events to Capture Customers’ Attention

While we may not know when the next “viral” moment will occur, there are ways we can proactively plan to leverage timely events to capture customers’ attention. Here are a few ways to proactively plan around timely events:

  1. Save space for timely events in your content calendar. Whenever you’re building out your editorial calendar, include a mix of evergreen and seasonal pieces that you can plot in advance, but also allow space for more timely content based on current events.
  2. Consider the special events and holidays that are important to customers. Holidays and special events are great opportunities to create timely and relevant content. However, finding a way to “stand out” when everyone else seems to be doing it can be difficult. Finding a way to take advantage of what the majority of your readers are or will be celebrating helps. If you don’t know, ask.
  3. Be committed to staying informed on current events. As marketers and business owners, it can be difficult to stay connected to new events because of all the other work that needs to be done. Finding ways to keep tabs on news that impacts your customers will help you immediately create content that helps them understand and respond to what’s happening in the world.
  4. Join the conversations that are already happening. Social listening gives you insights into what your audience is talking about right now. Rather than trying to start a viral campaign, you can join a conversation that’s already happening by tracking the topics that major industry publications and blogs are publishing as well.

Creating valuable content around timely events is a great way to be seen as a reputable source for your industry. Taking the time to consider how you can create a more agile approach to content creation is key for taking your content efforts to the next level.