We Are Green Apple Strategy

Comprised of dreamers, doers, perfectionists, and specialists, our Green Apple team has the skill set and attitude to conquer any task.


 Green Apple Team

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Green Apple Strategy is a strategic marketing firm that specializes in the development and implementation of marketing strategies for clients of all industries and sizes.

Green Apple has been creating results-based, content-rich, effective inbound and outbound marketing approaches for brands to reach their target audiences since 2012.

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Current Openings:

Assistant Client Relations Specialist

Content Marketing Director

Let’s Get to Know Each Other
  • Sam Pyle Samantha Pyle CEO & Founder
  • Olivia Cooper Olivia Cooper Client Relations Director
  • Marcie Prescott Marcie Prescott Senior Client Relations Specialist
  • chris-song Chris Song Public Relations & Content Marketing Strategist
  • Lindsay Lanahan Lindsay Lanahan Client Relations Specialist
  • christa-spencer-green-apples-strategy Christa Spencer Content Marketing Strategist
  • katie-jackson-2021-cropped Katie Jackson Content Marketing Specialist
  • Mar'Shun Oliver Mar'Shun Oliver Digital Marketing Specialist
  • chanel-lake Chanel Lake Content Marketing Coordinator
  • kayla-reyes Kayla Reyes Assistant Client Relations Specialist
  • Allison Gordon Allison Gordon Assistant Client Relations Specialist
  • Charlie Dog Charlie Pyle Chief Fetch Officer (CFO)
  • ford- Ford Pyle Chief Morale Officer (CMO)
Our Core Values

We are a group of determined specialists who love what we do. Whatever the challenge, we will show up. We are a strategic marketing firm that specializes in the development and implementation of marketing strategies for clients of all industries and sizes. We put the client first in every aspect of our process—that is our bottom line.

Green Apple Orchard

Green Apple is able to serve as a full-service marketing agency to our clients by working with some of the industry’s top creative talent. The Orchard is comprised of writers, print designers, web designers, web developers, photographers, and videographers who serve on our accounts as Green Apple team members. All teams are developed based on the client’s needs and style.

  • Meghan-Clark-Green-Apple-Strategy Meghan Clark Content Specialist
  • Skylar Wooden Skylar Wooden Content Specialist
  • Lindsey Bush Lindsey Bush Copy Editor
  • Jeremy Jeremy Chandler Content Specialist
  • Kris Kris D'Amico Photographer
  • Krista Elvey Krista Elvey Graphic Designer
  • Lindsay Lindsay Fendt Content Specialist
  • Cary Cary Kelley Web Designer
  • jenny-mann Jenny Mann Graphic Designer
  • James James Walters Web Developer
  • joel-mcafee Joel McAfee Video Specialist
  • nick-nichols Nick Nichols Video Specialist
  • derek-hollis Derek Hollis Web Developer
  • david-catterton David Catterton Web Designer & Developer
  • Rob E. Rob E. PPC & SEM Strategist
  • madison-barker Madison Barker Digital Media Buyer
  • Joe Weaver Joe Weaver Graphic Designer

We offer comprehensive marketing services to help grow your business.