large business sign that says LocalWhat if I told you there was one single marketing tactic that could dramatically increase traffic to your website, reach potential customers, and wouldn’t cost you a dollar to purchase?

That’s exactly what local businesses could experience by taking time to optimize their Google My Business page. If you don’t have a Google My Business profile, then you’re missing out on the ability to differentiate yourself in Google while gaining more traffic and potential business — not to mention it’s a vital part of any small business’s SEO strategy

A few months ago, our team at Green Apple launched The SEO Silo — a serviceline specifically created to help small, local businesses maximize the power of SEO to reach more customers. Over the past few weeks, we‘ve been highlighting various SEO tips (you can subscribe to the blog here). But one topic that seems to keep coming up is Google My Business (GMB) pages. Today, I’ll highlight some of the most important insights we’ve shared.

What Every Local Business Should Know About Google My Business Pages

Whether you’re considering creating a listing for your business or looking for the best ways to boost your local SEO presence, here are four things you should know about Google My Business pages: 

  1. 6 Simple Steps to Set Up Your Google My Business Page 

    Setting up a GMB page is relatively simple and straightforward. It’s free to set up, and taking the time to optimize your company’s page can help you appear in local search results for queries specific to your products or services. This post provides step-by-step instructions for getting started.

  2. 3 Reasons Why Optimizing Your Google My Business Page Is Important 

    Once you’ve claimed your Google My Business page, the next step is to optimize all the basic information that Google asks for. It’s critical to optimize the basic information you include on your page, but it’s also important to continually post additional content that enhances your SEO efforts. This post highlights three reasons why it’s important to optimize the content on your GMB page.

  3. How to Create Quality Content for Your Google My Business Page 

    When it comes to setting up your Google My Business (GMB) page, there are several important factors to consider. One important factor, if not the most important, is to create quality content for your page. In this post, we highlight some of the most important tips and tricks to help you create quality content and optimize your GMB page to attract new customers

  4. How to Utilize Google My Business Page Q&As 

    Google Questions and Answers, also called Google Q&A, is a Google My Business feature that allows users to ask and answer questions directly within a company’s knowledge panel. These questions can be answered by your business or the general public. As you might expect, this feature opens up quite a few possibilities (and challenges) for your company’s online presence. This post highlights how to utilize Google My Business page Q&As as a way to attract new customers to your website.

Google My Business should be a focal point for any small business — especially if you want to maximize the power of search. It’s incredibly simple to set up your Google My Business page, and it can make a big impact. As a small business, you should leverage every element of Google My Business pages to your advantage — images, videos, Q&A, reviews, and posts you publish.

If you have any questions about Google My Business pages or are curious about how our team at The SEO Silo can help improve your search rankings and drive more traffic to your website, check it out. Thousands of potential customers are searching for your products and services. Taking the time to optimize your website might be the best business decision you make this year.