When an unexpected crisis appears in our world, we’re all forced to face it head-on—whether we like it or not. Individuals must make immediate adjustments for the safety and protection of their families. For companies, though, a crisis presents a plethora of unique challenges that require business leaders to make quick decisions. These choices affect the health and safety of employees, the company as a whole, and how customers are able to interact and do business. A crisis takes a business’s daily activities that have become comfortable, familiar, or easy and turns them upside down within hours or even minutes.

Marketing During a Crisis

So, what about marketing efforts amid a crisis or pandemic? Do marketing efforts stop altogether? Or, is the best scenario to shift your marketing efforts and messaging to foster a sense of empathy, sensitivity, and trust? Since people still need goods and services, and consumers are still relying on search engines to find the businesses they need, we would definitely recommend the latter

Podcasting During a Pandemic

If you’re adapting your marketing and communication strategies during a crisis or pandemic, there are many creative ways to communicate with your audiences to keep them informed. One of those ways is through podcasting. If developing a branded podcast is something you’ve considered in the past, podcasting during a pandemic might just be the best time for you to give it a launch. Our friends at Relationary Marketing are podcasting experts, and they’ve put together a valuable resource to help business leaders know some best practices for podcasting during a pandemic, as well as how to start a branded podcast in such a unique season.

You can download the complete PDF resource here, but we wanted to share with you some of the key takeaways below.

6 Tips for Podcasting During a Pandemic for Content Marketers

  1. Adjust your strategy to the new reality—knowing it will likely take some time for normalcy to resume, keep in mind that this will be more than just a pause.
  2. Acknowledge the changing circumstances—be aware of the current climate, but stick to your own expertise.
  3. Focus your topics on what’s possible—stick to topics that make sense for the present time.
  4. Keep engaging your audience with content—be a voice of normalcy as people are looking for reassurance.
  5. Conduct your interviews remotely—with the right equipment and techniques, you can keep your interviews moving along.
  6. Take advantage of any downtime—build your repository of episodes, line up new guests, map out future content.

How to Start a Branded Podcast During a Pandemic

  • Decide what to talk about—discuss topics that are relevant to your target audience in the current social climate.
  • Make a plan and build an episode—a successful podcast requires solid planning, great execution, relevant collateral, and a dedicated promotion plan.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed—find a partner or agency to help you do the heavy lifting so you can keep focused on driving success.

Curious about learning more creative ways to shift your marketing during a crisis or pandemic? Our team would love to help! Contact us today to set up a consultation.