When most people think about marketing, they think of it as a way departments focus on increasing brand awareness and generating demand of new customers.

However, as the role of marketing continues to expand beyond traditional tactics, so does the audiences they’re responsible for engaging. Being focused solely on the customer doesn’t cut it anymore.

One of the most important audiences your marketing can cultivate is…your employees. As I mentioned in a previous post, everyone has a role in marketing because of the interactions they have with others. Therefore, people are your biggest marketing asset.

How to “Market” Your Brand to Your Employees

So, how do you turn employees (not just customers) into raving fans of your brand? Here are a few simple roles marketing can play in that endeavor:

  • Invite employees into a bigger story. Marketers, by nature, are storytellers. We’re constantly thinking of ways to create a story around our brand and help potential customers understand how we can help them be a hero in their story. In the same way, you can play an active role in inviting your employees into a bigger story for themselves and vision for your company. We long to be a part of a larger plan—to leave an impact and legacy behind. What can you do to make employees feel like their work matters?
  • Constantly fight to make employees’ jobs easier. As marketers, we know what it’s like to have 100 plates spinning at once. However, people in other departments feel the exact same way. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to get information from your client services team or getting everyone to adopt new brand guidelines, you’ve likely run into some friction. One of the ways you can influence the culture within your organization is to constantly look for ways to make others’ jobs easier. Whether it’s equipping your sales team with email templates or sharing pre-written social media posts people can copy and paste, you’re in a unique position to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to the marketing-related activities people are responsible for.
  • Constantly share the “wins” that are happening within your organization. A job can be fun and engaging, but without organizational success, employees will feel constantly defeated. That’s why winning is the most important attribute in creating a great culture. The “wins” don’t always have to be related to sales and marketing metrics either. It could be the results a client experienced last month or the number of days it took your development team to knock out the next phase of design on the new website.

Making sure everyone feels a sense of accomplishment is one of the greatest things you can do to create a positive culture within your organization. As marketers, you sit at the hub of every department and are uniquely positioned to lead the efforts in sharing wins of everyone within the organization.