Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Nines Bring Peace to Your Team

“The Peacemaker.” When you hire an Enneagram Type Nine, you’re hiring a teammate who is incredibly gifted with natural interpersonal skills. Type Nines are some of the most supportive, playful, and level-headed people you’ll ever meet. Although they have a difficult time with assertiveness or conflict, they will learn to thrive in an environment where communication and respect are encouraged. Once they become familiar with someone, that’s when their true personalities shine. Beyond bringing peace to your team, here are a few more unique characteristics that Type Nines bring to your marketing department.

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They are Excellent Listeners

Type Nines are thorough. When you assign a project to a Type Nine, you can count on them knowing exactly what you want by the end of the conversation. They appreciate the details, whether that’s in conversations or tasks, and they want to help in the best, most organized way possible. They care about the needs of who they’re speaking with and connect with people in an organic way.

They Play Devil’s Advocate

Maybe the best thing about Type Nines is that they can see every situation from all perspectives. When asking for their opinion, expect to receive an honest and well-thought-out answer. Despite their dislike of conflict, Type Nines won’t simply agree to agree. When you’re presenting a marketing plan, Type Nines will be some of the best team members to notice the pros and cons, possible objections, and potential opportunities—hello, PR skills! They have a core standard of being open-minded and having a 360 point-of-view scope. 

They Are Supportive

While Enneagram Type Twos are dubbed as the “cheerleaders,” Type Nines are also especially supportive toward their teammates (and anyone else in their circles). Type Nines are habitual mediators. They have the special ability to make others feel heard and can successfully communicate those feelings, ideas, or needs to others (just make sure they’re expressing their own needs as well!). 

Type Nines will make your clients feel cared for and right at home. The genuine personalities of Type Nines are never in question, making their advice and actions tremendously trustworthy. Their commitment will leave clients and teammates knowing that their projects are in good hands. 

They Will Make Everyone Feel Included

You don’t have to worry about Type Nines stealing any credit. These individuals will be the first to bring in (and recognize) other team members who they know have the right skills for a project. They’re remarkably skilled in making others feel valued and creating a space of peace. Because of Type Nines’ ability to see stories from every side, they are less judgemental than other types, creating a more inclusive environment where others feel comfortable being themselves. In collaborative sessions, they intuitively encourage results with a more productive creative space—no idea or question is ever wasted; it’s all a part of the process!

When working with a Type Nine, always be sure to return the favor and ask for their feedback. They may not be the first to speak up in a meeting or brainstorm session, but when they voice their thoughts, their ideas are important and valid, and you will want to hear them. 

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