Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Twos Strengthen Relationships

“The Helper.” If you know an Enneagram Type Two, you know that their helpful spirit inspires everything they do. They will be the first to lend a hand, listen to your needs, and build a strong relationship with you.  I’m Green Apple’s Content Marketing Specialist, and I just happen to be the Type Two on our team! In this article, I’ll explain how the Type Twos on your marketing team use their helpful, sensitive souls to meet your customers’ needs. Read More: Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Ones Accelerate Your Strategy

Type Twos Are Detailed Listeners

If you are talking to me, I am listening to you. Type Twos tend to pick up on the energy of others because we want to identify their needs. Some might call this “people-pleasing,” and, to an extent, that’s what it is. However, we want to make sure that you are well taken care of and comfortable whenever you’re around us.  In a marketing context, that means that your Type Two is listening intently to coworkers and clients, trying their best to understand how they can improve the situation. You can be sure that they’re taking note of your tone, facial expressions, and what you say. Not in a creepy way, I promise! But rather, Type Twos want to gauge how you’re feeling and ensure that you feel heard and get what you need. 

Type Twos Thrive on Being Needed

A Type Two can often base their worth on how needed they feel. This motivation can drive them to seek out new ways to allow people to rely on them. You may find that the Type Twos in your life are the first ones offering to pick your dog up from daycare or bring a casserole when you’re sick. Because I want people around me to feel like they can rely on me, I often identify ways to be more helpful to coworkers and clients. Type Twos will often offer their time for whatever you need; this may look like volunteering to take a call or researching ways to boost business. However they can, a Type Two is actively looking for a way to support you. 

Type Twos Are Warm and Welcoming

As I mentioned, Type Twos want you to feel comfortable—above all else. I’m a Type Two with a Wing Three, so that makes me the “Hostess.” I’m always aware of what others might need around me, so I will try to offer whatever I can to make you feel welcome. Most often, that’s a hot cup of tea.  This trait is incredibly useful in marketing because when people are comfortable, that’s when they connect. That’s when you can really discover their “why,” their passion. People tend to become more vulnerable and show you a side of themselves that you may have not otherwise seen, which is perfect for finding the heart of a story to build engaging content

Type Twos Make Relationships the Most Important Thing in Their Lives

Our welcoming nature makes it easier for Type Twos to build and cultivate relationships. This is true both personally and professionally. When we’re connecting with clients and helping them connect with their audience, that’s when we’re at our peak. It’s indescribably rewarding when we make a new connection or begin building a unique bond, and doing that for our clients is the best part of the job. Above all, you can always be sure that you are a Type Two’s priority because your relationship with them is what matters most. 

Ready to Build Stronger Relationships with Your Customers?

Our team enjoys learning more about each other through Enneagram Types and Culture Index surveys to ensure that we communicate and work together effectively. In the end, this is all to improve our clients’ marketing strategies and use our small team to garner big results.  Are you looking to see what full-service marketing can do for your brand? Contact Green Apple Strategy today to schedule a consultation.