Enneagram and Marketing: The Creative Beauty of Type Fours

“The Individualist.” Enneagram Type Fours are some of the most original, creative people you’ll have the joy of meeting. On their continual journey of self-discovery, fours discover their emotional depth and vulnerability, pouring that into creating works of art out of everything they touch. Do you have a Type Four on your team? You might find that they are the person dazzling your clients with originality and candor. Let’s take a look at what makes Type Fours exceptional additions to your marketing team.  Read more: Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Threes Move Mountains

Type Fours Are Profoundly Creative 

When a creative project is on your plate, you may want to look to your Type Four to run wherever their creative mind takes them. They have an uncanny ability to see life from many angles and perspectives, often making them deeply intuitive and sensitive people. This insight allows Type Fours to approach projects in a new way—a way that someone else may have never thought of. 

Type Fours Are Intuitive 

This type is often analytical when it comes to their feelings, as they’re always looking for ways to stand out. In this search for their unique traits, Type Fours learn to follow their intuition and discover what feels right for them. You can be sure that this person will use their emotional intelligence to identify the tone and direction that will fit the client’s brand and personality. They’ll follow their gut, leading them straight to an original idea that fits the project’s unique vibe. Read more: How Understanding the Enneagram Can Help Your Customers

Type Fours Are Inspired

Their imaginative nature makes Type Fours one of the most inspired people on your team. You’ll find that they’ll always be on the lookout for something that will spark an original idea. Give them a few points of direction and see what they come up with! 

Type Fours Are Honest

One of the best Type-Four qualities is their penchant for honesty. Their authentic nature makes it easy for them to share what they think and feel about a subject—an excellent quality for when your team needs constructive feedback. When you want to know what a Type Four really thinks, you can count on them to let you know. 

On the Hunt for a Marketing Partner?

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