Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Threes Move Mountains

“The Achiever.” If you’ve met an
Enneagram Type Three, they likely left a lasting impression on you. They’re the dreamers and the doers who are running the show, making sure that they’re always moving forward, making the world a better place as they go.

It comes as no surprise that Green Apple’s Type Three is Samantha Pyle, Owner and Chief Strategist. She is always looking for the next step, brainstorming ways to advance Green Apple and our clients and putting those ideas into motion.

We asked Sam how her Enneagram traits inform her success as a marketer. Here’s what we learned.

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Type Threes Are Self-Assured and Confident

The ability to listen to your internal voice and know that you’re making the right moves for the right reasons is invaluable. That assurance is what makes Threes such wonderful marketers and leaders—they have a vision, and they trust themselves to make it happen. You will find yourself trusting them, too, as they prove time and time again that they can move mountains.

Samantha explained, “My self-assurance makes me great at business development, attracting employees, and entertaining clients. It also gives me the confidence to know that, no matter what, everything is going to work out, and we will grow and flourish. We will get the clients we are supposed to have, and we will do great work.”

Type Threes Are Ambitious and Driven

For Sam, “failure is not an option.” A Three’s ambition is unmatched. Their innate motivation to achieve and thrive pushes them to always be “three” steps ahead. You’ll notice that Threes are continually finding ways to exceed the expectations of those around them. For the Owner and Chief Strategist of a marketing agency, that’s the recipe for success.

“I’m always driven to grow the company and provide work with new clients or by growing our client relationships for my employees. I am motivated by success and will not take no for an answer,” she said.

Type Threes are Committed to Their Work

You might describe the Threes in your life as workaholics. When they begin a project or a relationship, they are all in and committed to seeing it through to the end. Many Threes find themselves as driven entrepreneurs, as their relentless drive pushes them to build their businesses and do the same for those around them.

“I am always working and always thinking of the next idea or a better way to do something. I am always thinking with my marketing hat on and constantly jot down ideas to help advance Green Apple or our clients. This is something an entrepreneur thrives on. This is a great trait for growing business.”

Type Threes are Authentic Role Models

Threes understand the rewarding feeling of achieving more than you ever thought possible, and they want to share that feeling with the world. When they’re thriving, that’s when Threes know that they can change the lives of others. 

“I love taking care of my employees and serving as a mentor to them or members of the community whenever possible,” she concluded.

Ready to Partner with a Proactive and Ambitious Marketing Team?

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