The Top 3 Advantages of a Hybrid Marketing Agency

After witnessing layoffs and high turnover rates throughout the industry as an agency employee, Green Apple’s founder Samantha Pyle started to develop the idea of creating a core marketing team supported by a creative team of freelancers. She began Green Apple with a different approach to the typical agency structure to provide more support for employees and greater flexibility for clients.  


In 2020, Green Apple doubled down on this innovative model as remote work became a necessity overnight. While others in the industry found their way back to the office full-time, Samantha used this opportunity to further realize her vision of finding a better way to work. The Green Apple team quickly realized we could work well from anywhere with a laptop, an iPhone, wi-fi, and a few key tools in place.


Three years into working as a virtual team and two years into our unique hybrid model, our team continues to excel. In this blog post, we share the top three lessons we’ve learned as a hybrid agency. 


Our Top 3 Lessons Learned as a Hybrid Agency

1. Access an Array of Creative Talent 

A hybrid model makes it possible to expand our pool of talent without being limited by location. The Green Apple core team includes full-time strategists and account managers based out of Nashville, and Charlotte, N.C. 


Graphic designers, content creators, video producers and marketing specialists from the U.S., Canada, and Columbia make up our Orchard of freelance talent. Orchard members include the industry’s top talent, available to Green Apple and our clients at a moment’s notice. Because strategic marketing looks different for every single client, these creative minds make it possible to build specialized teams based on each client’s specific needs. 

2. Lower Overhead Costs

A primarily virtual work environment with the availability of an in-person location means we can maintain a lower overhead than agencies with a larger brick-and-mortar presence. These savings are passed on to our clients, resulting in project rates that are lower than our competitors. 


Although we don’t use a traditional office space, our services are still vast and comprehensive. Green Apple’s core team has several years of experience successfully providing strategy and account management expertise in an environment that is 100 percent remote. 


We rely on a number of freelance Orchard members to provide many of our creative services. This allows our agency to offer a comprehensive marketing experience to our clients without the risks associated with employing a large number of team members full-time. 

3. Provide More Stability for Employees

It’s not just the clients who benefit from Green Apple’s unique model—the employees and freelancers who rely on the financial health of the agency are just as grateful. 


When Samantha Pyle, Green Apple’s founder, created this model, she did so because she did not want people to worry about losing their job or the ability to provide for their families. 


Lower overhead, a lean, virtual core team, and intentional opportunities for connection  provide a sense of security for employees. Likewise, our freelance Orchard members receive a steady stream of work that keeps them engaged with—and appreciated by—Green Apple. 


A Custom Approach

Let our core team at Green Apple develop your next strategic marketing plan. As with all of our valued clients, you will have a hand-selected team of talented Orchard members committed to your brand. Contact us today for specialized marketing strategy to help your business grow.