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The Gardner School

Growing in New Markets

Green Apple has been The Gardner School’s full-service marketing partner since 2014. During that time, the school has grown from eight locations in four states to over 30 locations across seven states and continues to grow each year. 

Over the years, Green Apple has become a true extension of The Gardner School’s team, cultivating a deep knowledge of the brand, collaborating around new opportunities, and tackling numerous challenges together.

Supporting Expansion into New Markets

As one of the nation’s leading early childhood education centers, The Gardner School takes a strategic approach to entering new markets and launching new schools. Green Apple has spearheaded all marketing and promotional strategies for each expansion, executing detailed market research, targeted advertising, engaging digital campaigns, and designing marketing collateral tailored to each new target market. 

Learning and Growing Together

After nearly a decade, we’ve gained valuable wisdom about launching new schools, but the landscape of early childhood education has changed dramatically since our partnership began. Together, we’ve adapted our tactics to achieve the most effective approach possible.

For each new school launch, the Green Apple Strategy team customizes each launch campaign to include local engagement opportunities, a public relations push, and comprehensive traditional and digital advertising to reach even more families at a lower cost per engagement.

A Fruitful Partnership

Green Apple Strategy is proud of the partnership we’ve built as The Gardner School has grown. Through this partnership, meetings feel less like formal interactions and more like collaborative brainstorms where we can suggest ideas, work through challenges, and implement solutions to support their growth. As they’ve expanded throughout the country, we’ve helped them achieve major wins, including:

  • 3 market expansions with 26 new schools
  • 235.52% growth in website sessions since 2016
  • 253.9% annual growth in organic social media engagement in 2023
  • Over 75,000 views of TGS’s top five thought-leadership blogs in 2023
  • An email newsletter open rate of 58.6%
    • More than double the benchmark open rate for early childhood education

Client Testimonial

“The Green Apple team is a trusted partner in our marketing activities and goals. Their team of experts consistently works to exceed our expectations to provide insightful solutions to engage and connect with families. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication.” — Joy Haynes, The Gardner School



Green Apple has successfully implemented various strategies and projects that have both increased our brand recognition and directly driven business to our organization. Our dedicated Green Apple team is knowledgeable in what they do, produces quality work on time, and is flexible in pivoting to our ever-changing priorities. We’ve been very happy with the results of our relationship together and would highly recommend their service.
Charlie Kunberger

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