How Green Apple Adds Value to Our Clients’ Strategies

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When you hire a marketing agency, your primary goal is to add value to
your business strategy. But, how do you know if a marketing team is adding the value you’re looking for? Let us take a few moments to share how Green Apple adds value to our clients’ strategies in hopes that it helps you determine how an agency might help you reach your business goals. 

We Provide Perspective

Have you ever felt like you can’t see something objectively because you’re too close to the situation? That’s how many of our clients feel when they come to us. By hiring a marketing agency, you add the perspective of a full team of people who can see creative potential and opportunities within your business that you may have never considered. 

The Green Apple team has the unique opportunity to add several different perspectives, as we work with our core team and an expansive team of Orchard members—contractors we work with who have been hand-selected based on their experience and expertise. 

We Share Years of Collective Expertise 

Our team is made up of seven professionals who excel in their respective fields—marketing strategy, PR, project management, social media, content writing—and we support our team with an additional team of contract professionals. So, when you’re hiring Green Apple, you’re getting a team with years of education and experience that have led us here, and it’s our pleasure to share that with our clients to create results-oriented marketing strategies. 

We Track and Share Our Progress

It’s easy to talk about the value we add, but our clients get to see tangible results that let them know that they’re making the most of their marketing investment. We send each client a monthly report, as well as an annual report, to show them exactly how our efforts are translating into web traffic, leads, and several other metrics. We enjoy creating and sharing these reports with our clients because it shows them where all of our dedicated efforts are going, and we love that the numbers can speak for themselves. 

We Bring in the Best Professionals for Your Project

As we mentioned, we use a unique agency model that includes a team of contractors whom we’ve chosen to work with based on their areas of expertise, experience, and industry knowledge. This way, we can provide our clients with a team built just for them based on their needs and goals. Our Orchard members work as an extension to our team—and an extension of yours as well. 

Make the Most of Your Marketing Dollars with Green Apple Strategy

By engaging with Green Apple, you have access to a team of professionals who can provide value to your business’ marketing strategy. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our team is happy to sit down with you to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve each and every one of them.

Should I Hire an Internal Marketing Team or Outsource to a Local Agency?

Marketing is crucial to the success of a business. It helps you meet your sales goals, increase your brand awareness, and tell your story. Though many understand the importance of marketing’s role in growing a business, few are sure of how to go about it. Should you hire an internal team, or should you outsource to a local agency? For the most robust,
effective marketing strategy, we recommend outsourcing. Let’s talk about why.

In this article, we’ll cover a few reasons to consider outsourcing, including:

  • Staying ahead of the curve
  • Getting more out of your marketing budget
  • Having a comprehensive marketing team without searching for employees
  • Focusing on your core business operations

With an outsourced marketing agency, you can…

Stay Ahead of the Curve

A marketing agency lives and breathes innovative tools and effective strategies. They are working daily to research new methods, test the effectiveness of a tactic, and identify the best way to connect with your audience. Not only do agencies stay ahead of the latest trends, but they also invest the time into learning about your internal operations and your target audience’s expectations and needs. 

Agencies live in the marketing mindset, whereas internal teams are living inside of your industry’s world. When you outsource your marketing, you know that you’re working with a team that will identify your vision, build a strategy, monitor that strategy continually, and do everything in its power to deliver results. 

Get More Out of Your Marketing Budget

Can you believe that hiring an external marketing team could actually make your budget stretch further? When you think of it in terms of overhead, you can skip hours of searching for an internal employee and the countless dollars you would spend hiring, training, and managing that new person. 

Having an agency on retainer also ensures that your marketing strategy will not be put on hold when someone leaves your team—allowing you to continue growing even during times of turnover. Finally, consider the continual training costs necessary for professional development, such as conferences and classes, and industry organizations’ membership costs.

All in all, agencies bypass your overhead costs and provide you access to a diversely talented and well-trained marketing team that always has a finger on the pulse. 

Have Access to a Comprehensive Marketing Team without Hiring 

An agency removes the need to hire someone to fill every role—content, digital marketing, graphic design, photography, web development, and so on. You will have access to each of these skills, all in one place. It’s as simple as that. In Green Apples case, we approach each new client strategy by handpicking a team of marketing professionals to fit your business’s specific needs. We serve as a full-service, one-stop-shop for all things marketing, and you’ll find that it takes the stress off your plate. Rather than piling marketing tasks onto your to-do list, you know that an agency is already five steps ahead of you. 

Focus On Your Core Business

Your business’s core operations are where you want to spend your time. If you’re a roofing company, for example, you don’t want to spend your days wading through marketing tasks, nor should you have to. When companies have the internal capacity to tackle their core focus, that’s when they reach their highest potential. An agency identifies that potential and makes sure that your marketing aligns appropriately. You, on the other hand, focus on what you know and what you love doing. We take care of the rest. 

Are you ready to take your business goals to the next level? Contact Green Apple Strategy today to schedule a consultation. To have marketing insight sent straight to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter—The Core.

How Can You Find the Right Agency Partner?

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Let’s face it: Finding the right agency partner can be unnerving. You spend a lot of time, energy, and resources researching various agencies, putting together a brief or request for proposal, and meeting with potential partners. But, what if you choose the wrong one? Speaking from an agency perspective, I’ve met with hundreds of business leaders looking to partner with our firm over the years. And, the ones who end up turning into the most mutually-beneficial relationships have specific things in common. The businesses that end up finding the best fit all take certain steps before signing on the dotted line. A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Agency Partner If you want to increase your chances of finding the right agency partner, here are three essential steps from businesses that have done well:
    1. Make sure your team is on the same page. It’s essential that key stakeholders on your team have aligned around the same expectations. Are you in agreement on the type of agency you need (e.g., agency size, category expertise, capabilities)? Have you set clear goals? Have you defined characteristics to know whether or not an agency would be a good fit? What are your long-term expectations for the relationship? These are all questions to be answered before you start the search process.
    2. Make it easy for agencies to know exactly what you need. While a formal RFP might not be necessary, it’s important to set clear expectations for potential agencies on the front end. This includes a summary of the challenge you’re facing, specific objectives, deliverables, expectations for the relationship, budget, and timing. It’s worth taking the extra time to ensure you’re providing clarity before you meet with potential partners.
    3. Make time for a face-to-face dialogue with prospective agencies. Once you find a few agencies that fit your criteria, it’s important to get a better sense of the agency style and culture. Setting up a time to meet face-to-face with an individual or team at the agency will make it a lot easier to decide if you are a good fit for each other.
Whether you’re looking for an agency to partner with for all your marketing efforts or needing help on a specific project, finding the right agency is not easy. You want a partner who is energized by your challenges, passionate about your brand, and motivated by your business. Taking these steps will ensure you’re doing as much as you possibly can on the front end to choose an agency that will become an indispensable partner for your business.

The 3 Biggest Factors for a Successful Business/Agency Relationship

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In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for a business to partner with a marketing agency, even if they have a full-time, in-house marketing team. Whether it’s a specific project or ongoing partnership, many businesses realize they simply don’t have enough time and resources internally to accomplish everything that needs to be done from a marketing perspective. However, marketing agencies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; each has its own unique philosophy, approach, style, and strengths. Some are better fits for your business than others…and vice versa. While many businesses choose an agency because of their impressive creative portfolio or industry experience, the truth is that there’s a lot more that goes into a successful business/agency relationship. In many ways, it’s the intangible factors that make the biggest difference on both sides of the relationship. The 3 Biggest Factors for a Successful Client/Agency Relationship So, how can businesses and marketing agencies work together to form a relationship where everyone wins? Here are three key factors:
  1. Chemistry Across the Entire Team
When you hire a marketing agency, you’re ultimately hiring the people who work at that agency. As with all relationships, chemistry matters. Part of determining a good fit comes down to selecting an agency that can operate as an extension of your team and roll up their sleeves to work with you, not just for you. That includes the leadership level and those responsible for executing the day-to-day project management tasks.
  1. A Common Approach to Business
Do you tend to take more risks or play it safe when it comes to growing your business? Are you looking for new and innovative ways to achieve your goals, or are you looking for someone to help execute tried-and-true principles? Answering these questions is essential for choosing the right agency partner. Partnering with an agency that has a general philosophy and approach to business is different for use will only cause frustration for both parties.
  1. Sweet Spots that Align with Your Greatest Needs
Although most agencies consider themselves to be full-service, each has a “sweet spot” where they tend to excel. It might be web design, content creation, sales support, or public relations. Determining your greatest marketing need, even if you’re looking for a long-term partnership, is critical for finding the best possible fit. As someone who’s worked in the agency business for over a decade, I’ve seen my fair share of unhealthy client/agency relationships. No one starts working with an agency hoping it becomes a burden. Taking the time to evaluate these qualitative factors (in addition to their portfolio or experience) will help you identify the right agency for your business and ensure everyone benefits from a successful partnership.