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---- Client Relations Specialist ----

Kayla Reyes

After reading the job description and noticing Green Apple’s client-centered approach, Kayla Reyes immediately knew that the Assistant Client Relations Specialist role at Green Apple was a perfect match. (Meeting Ford and Charlie, our canine employees, didn’t hurt either!). As an Enneagram One, she thrives in a structured and organized environment, so joining the Green Apple team was a clear choice. Working closely with Olivia Cooper, Kayla serves our clients by implementing strategic visions and capitalizing on new opportunities.

While Kayla was born in Kansas City, Missouri, she moved to South Florida at a young age and was homeschooled until her sophomore year of high school, when she began her associate’s degree journey (yes, while in high school!). She earned a bachelor’s degree in 2018 with a business management major and an entrepreneurship minor. She explains, “At such a young age—16 years old—I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in yet, but my college guidance counselor suggested business, and I’ve been loving it since.” She enjoys being an expert in marketing and entrepreneurship, and she hopes to open her own dog rescue one day.

After graduating, Kayla married and relocated to Cookeville, Tennessee, where she learned the ins and outs of content writing and social media management. Two years later, she and her husband moved to Nashville, where she was hungry for more opportunities to grow her knowledge and skill set, leading her to Green Apple! Kayla says she brings a positive attitude to our team, as well as “intense organization and attention to detail.” 

Kayla loves to spend time with her high school friend-turned-husband and their two sweet Golden Retriever-Lab mixes, Comet and Harvey. Around Nashville, Kayla enjoys working out, browsing the best shops, trying new restaurants, and cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs. She loves quality time with her friends and family, listening to audiobooks, and playing video games and board games. Another true passion of Kayla’s is traveling—she has visited four countries and 25 US states, and she hopes to plan another international adventure soon. Kayla is an essential part of the Green Apple team, and her ambition, strategy, and principles help deliver quality results to our clients. She is enjoying her new role as a Client Relations Specialist.