Remote Work (Summer Edition): Proven Tips to Stay Productive from Green Apple Strategy

The past few years have seen a dramatic shift in how we work. Remote work has become increasingly common across industries, and for good reason. It offers flexibility, freedom, and the potential for a better work-life balance. This flexibility is a game-changer, especially during the summer months when schedules shift and wanderlust sets in. Kids are out of school, vacations are calling, and the sunshine beckons us outdoors. However, increased travel and flexibility don’t have to cause a decrease in productivity.

Think about it: working remotely allows you to explore new places, gather fresh content inspiration, and prioritize your well-being by taking breaks that prevent burnout. Those are all factors that can lead to a more productive you!

The question, however, is how to maintain that productivity while basking in the summer sun (metaphorically or literally). At Green Apple Strategy, a full-service marketing agency based in Nashville, we’ve embraced remote work for years. Our team is a hybrid bunch, with members working from home offices and coffee shops across the globe. Through these experiences, we’ve gleaned valuable insights on maximizing remote work productivity during the sunny season.

Summer Hacks for Peak Remote Work Productivity

In this article, we’ll share some of the best practices we’ve learned to stay productive during the summer months. Hopefully, our tips will help you make the most of your remote working schedule. 

Embrace the Opportunity to Get Outside 

One of the unanimous favorites from our Green Apple team is to get outside. Remote work grants you the privilege of experiencing the energizing benefits of nature while still crushing your to-do list.  Imagine crafting a killer social media strategy while listening to the gentle lapping of waves on a beach vacation. You may find inspiration for your marketing while working from a local park or outdoor cafe. Take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and create a work environment that invigorates you.

Plan Your Week for Peak Performance

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to maximizing remote work productivity. Knowing your meeting schedule in advance allows you to plan your location for the week. Let’s say you have a Zoom call scheduled early on Tuesday. Perhaps you want to work from a co-working space on Monday, a coffee shop on Wednesday, and then head to a local park for some focused work on Thursday. Planning empowers you to take advantage of remote work’s flexibility and create a workweek that fuels your productivity.

Take the Opportunity to Rest and Relax

Remote work can be a double-edged sword. While it offers incredible flexibility, it can also blur the lines between work and personal life. Remember, numerous studies show that employees who take vacations are actually more productive upon their return. So, don’t be afraid to unplug and recharge. Go for a hike, have a picnic in the park, or simply relax with a good book. Embrace the summer leisure and return to your work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle any challenge.

Communicate Your Plan and Availability

Collaboration is vital in any creative environment, especially when your team is geographically dispersed. Summer vacations can throw a wrench into communication routines, so being proactive is essential. Let your team know your availability well in advance. Utilize project management tools to keep everyone on the same page, and don’t hesitate to schedule quick check-in calls to maintain momentum on projects.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Human Connection

While remote work offers many benefits, it can also lead to feelings of isolation. Remember, camaraderie is an important part of the work experience. As you create your schedule, consider planning a co-working day with a colleague once a week. This is a great way to break up the routine, brainstorm ideas, and enjoy each other’s company.  

Fun fact: during the summer months, the Green Apple team makes a conscious effort to schedule more team outings and social events. These experiences build a stronger work culture and encourage each team member to feel supported and contribute their best work.

Don’t Just Work: Thrive.

Remote work offers a fantastic opportunity to embrace a flexible and fulfilling work style. Here at Green Apple Strategy, we’re grateful for the chance to work this way, and we’re passionate about helping others maximize their remote work experience.

Want to learn more about our culture and what makes Green Apple Strategy a great place to work? We invite you to learn more about our approach to marketing and what it’s like to work at Green Apple.

Reel Talk: Video Marketing for Maximum Brand Impact

Video marketing is revolutionizing how brands engage with their target audiences, allowing unique opportunities for connection that print and images alone can’t match. With video content 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text, it’s essential for marketers to learn the ins and outs of creating effective, on-brand video marketing.

Fortunately, our team at Green Apple has first-hand experience in capturing audience attention with compelling videos that drive results. We’ll also share some common mistakes that can easily be avoided for maximum results.

Video Marketing for Maximum Brand Impact

While we are 100 percent pro video marketing, there are some key insights to consider when getting started.

Define Goals and Objectives

Our team does not take action until we carefully define and set achievable marketing goals—where we want to go and how we plan to get there—and neither should you. Talk in detail with your team about why you are creating videos as part of your marketing plan and the results you need to see to call it a success.

Get the Right Tools

Smartphones allow us to do more with them now than ever before, including recording some fantastic footage. However, you may need additional gear for truly professional-looking material. Consider investing in a camera, tripod, lighting, computer software for editing, and talent like screenwriters, actors, or paid influencers.

Stay Consistent

Your customers already know and love your brand, so let your marketing videos be an extension of the business they trust. If your brand is known for being an industry leader, keep your videos polished and professional. Be sure to follow your own brand guidelines and incorporate the right font, logo and colors for instant recognition by your customers.

Consider Your Content:

Carefully choosing the best content for your brand will also help ensure consistency. Innovative brands may share product experiments, fun brands may share staff birthday parties, and trailblazer brands may share their teams’ latest adventures. What makes sense for one brand may or may not make sense for another. This goes for trending content, too! We are all for participating in a good social media trend, but only if it aligns with your brand and what it stands for.

Video Marketing Mistakes

Even the best videos will not perform well if certain key mistakes are made. We’ve outlined some of the most common problems so you can be sure to avoid them!

Forgetting to Optimize for Mobile Viewing

Most video marketing will be posted to social media, and most social media is viewed on smartphones. If your content is not optimized for these platforms, your intended audience will not be able to enjoy it. 

Not Setting Up Captions

More and more social media videos are viewed without the sound turned on. Enabling captions and using an app that lets you correct any misspelled words and spacing in the captions will increase your views and make your content accessible for those with hearing impairments.

Ignoring Analytics

We know it’s hard to change directions after pouring time, energy, and other resources into a marketing video. But numbers don’t lie. If your analytics show that your video is not performing well, it’s okay to pivot and test new ideas until you get the results you are looking for.

Not Being Authentic

This can take a couple of different paths. Inauthenticity can look like participating in social media trends or challenges that do not make sense for your brand or brand story, being overly promotional and too focused on sales, and even using language, topics, colors, and themes that are inconsistent with the rest of your online presence.

Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

Creating a strategy is a key step in implementing any new marketing plan. Green Apple can help you determine your brand’s overall goals and how brand video marketing can help you reach them. Contact us today to get started on connecting with your target audience in new and meaningful ways.

How to Leverage AI to Improve Marketing Outcomes

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, there’s a startling projection: a 10% chance exists that AI will outperform humans in virtually every task within the next three years. This assertion highlights the immense potential of AI to revolutionize how we work across various sectors—from construction and roofing to early childhood education and hospitality. At Green Apple, we recognize the importance of utilizing AI tools in our daily work while integrating them strategically to maximize the benefits to us and our clients.  

Our team experiments with the latest AI tools and closely monitors emerging best practices and evolving regulations. Here are a few insights into the latest ways to use these tools and what to consider as you get started.

Why We Should Embrace AI 


AI enables businesses to streamline operations, automating mundane tasks to free up time for more critical, strategic initiatives. For construction companies, this could translate into faster data analysis for project planning; for marketers, AI-driven automation can manage customer data, optimize campaign strategies, and personalize customer interactions, allowing marketing teams to devote more time to creative and strategic pursuits.

Creative Inspiration and Brainstorming:

AI-powered tools can generate new concepts and solutions, aiding in tasks such as designing marketing campaigns, planning urban constructions, and designing educational curricula.

Competitive Edge:

Staying ahead in today’s business world requires a blend of speed, innovation, and quality—attributes that AI enhances by providing data-driven insights and faster operational capabilities.

AI In Marketing and PR 

The current utilization of AI in marketing and PR shows that 70% of professionals already use these tools for generating ideas, conducting research, and creating content. Specific applications include:

  • Sentiment analysis and media monitoring: Essential for understanding public perception and managing brand reputation effectively.
  • Performance monitoring: Linking sales data with media coverage to gauge marketing effectiveness.
  • SEO and online content optimization: Essential for improving online visibility in highly competitive markets.

Navigating Comfort Levels 

Getting comfortable with AI can take time! You can start by using it for brainstorming, grammar checks, and SEO optimization. More advanced uses involve refining audience targeting strategies and leveraging AI for more complex data analysis tasks. The highest level of engagement involves continual adoption, regularly assessing how AI can assist with current tasks to maximize its utility.

Ethical Considerations in AI Use

While AI presents significant opportunities, it also comes with challenges that need addressing.

  • Security and Privacy: It’s important to ensure that AI systems protect sensitive data and do not inadvertently share proprietary information.
  • Bias and Discrimination: AI systems can perpetuate existing biases if not properly trained or monitored, making regular audits crucial.
  • Accuracy and Misinformation: AI tools need regular updates to handle the most current data and avoid spreading outdated or incorrect information.

Do’s and Don’ts 

  • Do engage with AI actively: Use it as a co-creator, not just a tool.
  • Don’t compromise on privacy: Avoid inputting confidential information into AI systems.
  • Do experiment and iterate: Use AI outputs as a starting point and refine them to fit your specific needs.
  • Do prompt AI with kindness. Use your manners. Saying please and thank you does provide better results. It also makes your experience better.

Strategy Is Everything 

AI is reshaping industries by offering tools that enhance productivity, creativity, and decision-making. By understanding how to use these tools effectively and ethically, businesses can stay competitive and pioneer new ways of operating. As we continue to explore the capabilities of AI, it is becoming clear that the future of work will be characterized by those who can integrate these technologies thoughtfully and strategically. Our team is here to help, and you can contact us with any questions.

How Small Businesses Can Conquer B2B & B2C Marketing in Nashville

Nashville. Music City. It’s a city synonymous with hot chicken, country music, and a vibrant energy that’s contagious. But Nashville is more than just a tourist destination. It’s a booming metropolis, home to over 2 million people and a staggering 70,000 businesses.

Over the past three decades, the city has undergone a remarkable transformation. Consistently ranking among the top 10 U.S. metros for job growth, Nashville offers a thriving economy with a cost of living that remains below the national average. While headlines often focus on major corporations relocating here, there’s another exciting story unfolding—an explosion of small businesses. Tennessee shattered records in 2023 with the state’s highest number of business formations and renewals ever recorded.

At Green Apple Strategy, a full-service marketing agency located in Nashville, we’ve witnessed this growth firsthand. We’ve had the privilege of walking alongside dozens of businesses as our city has transformed over the past 15 years. Established companies face stiff competition, and newcomers need a strategic advantage to establish themselves.

Here’s the good news: this dynamic environment presents a wealth of opportunities. Here at Green Apple Strategy, we’ve learned a thing or two about navigating Nashville’s marketing landscape. This post will delve into some proven best practices that can help your small business thrive in Nashville’s dynamic market.

Marketing Insights and Best Practices for Nashville’s Small Businesses

Here are some key insights and best practices to help you conquer B2B and B2C marketing in Nashville’s next wave:

1. New Challenges Demand Fresh Thinking

The days of “business as usual” are over. Nashville’s growth presents fantastic opportunities for adaptation and innovation. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with new marketing strategies. Explore emerging social media platforms, attend industry events that focus on cutting-edge solutions, and actively engage with your target audience to understand their evolving needs. Remember, a willingness to embrace change is your secret weapon in an evolving market.

2. Cultivate Loyal Customers – They’re A Gold Mine

Did you know that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one? Statistics like these highlight the immense value of fostering customer loyalty for both B2B and B2C businesses. By offering loyalty programs, personalized communication, and exceptional experiences, you’ll build a loyal customer base that acts as your strongest marketing advocate.

This philosophy is a core principle behind Olive + Leo, our sister company that provides a customer loyalty platform specifically for the hospitality industry.

3. Exceptional Customer Service is the Differentiator

In a marketplace brimming with options, exceptional customer service can be the tipping point for both B2B and B2C businesses. Prioritize building genuine relationships with your customers. Respond promptly to inquiries, address concerns with empathy, and go the extra mile to exceed expectations. Remember, happy customers become loyal customers, and loyal customers become brand ambassadors.

4. Embrace Data-Driven Decisions and Agile Strategies

Gone are the days of gut-feeling marketing. Today, data is king. Utilize website analytics, social media insights, and customer feedback to track your marketing campaign’s performance and identify improvement areas. This data-driven approach allows you to optimize your efforts and maximize your return on investment (ROI). Remember, the Nashville market is dynamic, so stay agile through your marketing strategies. Always be prepared to adapt quickly based on new data insights and market trends.

5. Develop an Authentic Brand Narrative

Your brand narrative is your story. It’s your voice, your personality, and your promise to your customers. In a crowded marketplace, a clear and compelling brand narrative is essential. What makes your business unique? What values do you represent? Infuse these unique elements into your marketing materials to ensure your brand resonates with your target audience. Nashville is a city known for its authenticity, so feel free to let your brand’s unique personality shine through.

Partnering for Success: How Green Apple Strategy Can Help

Nashville’s next wave is here, and it’s brimming with possibilities for small businesses. At Green Apple Strategy, we’re passionate about helping local companies to thrive in this dynamic environment. 

If you’re looking to navigate the ever-evolving marketing landscape, we’d love to chat. Contact us today to discuss your specific business needs and explore our approach to developing tailored marketing solutions. Let’s work together to turn the city’s vibrant energy into your business success story.